The past few decades has seen the emergence of the United States as a serious participant in international soccer.  The US team’s performance in the last World Cup competition was clear evidence of that nation’s emergence as a competitor to be reckoned with in both amateur and professional competition in this worldwide sport.  Gone are the days when Americans watched international soccer from the sidelines with a sense of bemused interest while restricting their interest to baseball, football and basketball.  Interest and participation in soccer right down to the primary school level has grown by leaps and bounds in the United States.

The increase in active participation has been accompanied by a grow in fan involvement.  The unwillingness of network commercial television to carry soccer in past years had stymied the growth of soccer’s popularity in America.  Yet that very policy may work to commercial TV’s detriment; cable networks, satellite TV and the internet are all more than willing to show soccer games in their entirety without commercial breaks.  Those who seek to see the pure sport gladly turn to these alternatives to see their team without commercial interference.  They are as willing to fill a stadium as those fans watch televised professional sports broadcasts while ignoring or fast forwarding through the sales pitches that fill every second of expensive time between the actual sports event.  These are the people who will go and stay at an RIU resort hotel in a place where a major soccer tournament is being held.  There they can relax and enjoy the finest accommodations and service, and then go and see some great soccer matches performed in a major arena.  Then relax after the game and celebrate their victory with a great meal or even a party also held at their resort.  And all this can be enjoyed at a great price when it is done using a Groupon coupon or promo code to get their reservations at RIU Hotels & Resorts at a significant discount.


These opportunities are part of the reason why international soccer is rapidly gaining a strong hold upon America’s sport fans.  Few sports offer its fans the opportunity to enjoy the talents, professionalism and entertainment, coupled with the worldwide diversity and enjoyment of comfort and service that you can get when attending a live soccer match.


Soccer’s Becoming a Major American Sport