Are you a basketball player that wants to soar above your opponents? Then you know how important it is to learn how jump higher. Doing so will allow you to grab rebounds, block shots and slam dunk. There are different ways that basketball players can obtain vertical increase, you just have to do the right workouts, and do them properly. Maybe you’re not looking for any outstanding vertical leaps, so even if you just want to touch the rim to make grabbing rebounds and blocking shots easier, you can. Either way, you should be able to increase the amount of times your team gets ball possession.

So on to answer the question of how to increase vertical jumping. It is very important that you first train your legs for the task. You’ll need to have strong calf muscles to be able to obtain vertical increase. There are some exercises jumping that you can partake in to help make your calf muscles stronger. Calf raises is a great workout for vertical increase. You can also walk on your tip-toes for around 25 minutes. Make sure you start these workouts slowly to avoid obtaining any injuries.

Your flexibility is very important when learning how jump higher, so you should do a lot of stretching. Your knees, ankles and pretty much the rest of your body should be flexible. You should do stretches that stretch your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings, and other places of your body. Stretching also helps to keep injuries at bay.

Another way of learning how to increase vertical jumping is to jump rope. When jumping rope, you should land and jump on your tip-toes. You should also do squats to better help your vertical increase. When you are doing your squats, you should exert the weight on the heels of your feet. Then of course you can’t leave out plyometric workouts. When using jump boxes, you should get a size that is ideal for your ability. Then as you begin to jump on it with ease, you can get taller jump boxes to practice with.  Jump as high as you’re able to 7-10 times on the play boxes that you have.

Make sure that before beginning any vertical jumping programs that you warm up. Try jogging around lightly. This is also idea for individuals that have weak legs, since it will help strengthen up your legs. It will also help to get your cardiovascular system into shape.

Last on the list of tips for basketball players is to buy the correct sneakers. It is important that you wear the right shoes when doing your exercises jumping, so that your feet are comfortable. Jumping around in the wrong shoes can do damage to your feet and your knees. You should search for sneakers that are made for athletes that run and jump often – they should have lots of cushion around the heels of your feet. Don’t buy low quality shoes in the attempt of trying to save money, because it could turn out that it may cost you your abilities.

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Ways for Basketball Players to Increase Vertical Jumping